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For some time now, I’ve been helping the guys at Quantum Capture build out a virtual human toolkit for UnrealEngine 4. This includes head and eye movement, facial emotion display, and lip syncing based on audio clips. The latest demonstration of this tech is collaboration between Quantum Capture and Emteq.

Emteq produces a number of devices that allow for the wearer’s facial muscles to be tracked and used in a variety of applications, such as healthcare and entertainment. At this time their hardware is in the prototype stage, but it is great to see them procedurally drive one of Quantum Capture’s virtual humans (in the above image it is Alyssa) through the tech I worked on.

At AWE Europe 2017, Emteq formally announced the collaboration with Quantum Capture, and publicly showed off their tech. You can see their full demonstration video below.

May has been a busy month. First a demo for CVR2017, and now working with Quantum Capture to put together a demo for AWE2017.

The guys at Quantum Capture turned AWE co-founder and CEO, Ori Inbar, into a virtual human. We then put him into a number of situations depending on if the demoing player puts an Oculus Rift or a Microsoft Hololens on his head. In the house pictured above, when you put on the Hololens, Ori is surrounded by fish as part of a simulated, augmented reality environment.

That’s right, we put AR inside VR. That’s how we roll.

Worked once again with the fine folks at Quantum Capture to put together a virtual reality demo for CVR2017.

This demo, for the Oculus Rift, walks the player through assembling their own virtual human. You start off with a collection of heads to choose from, some of whom are easily distracted by bright objects. You may pick up each head and inspect it, all while the head and eyes stare into your soul.

MorganBot then has you choose a body and cloths for your head. Feel free to place and remove those heads at will! All-in-all a fun little demo to show off virtual humans in VR.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working with Quantum Capture on a virtual reality training application for trauma center doctors at Sunnybrook and SickKids here in Toronto. This proof-of-concept simulation has you go through a fibreoptic intubation on a patient using your hands to feed the scope down the patient’s throat, while you look on a monitor to see what the scope sees.

There has been a lot more going on at Quantum Capture that I’ve been involved in, with a focus on programming virtual humans. Bloomberg TV Canada dropped by the Quantum Capture office, and their video provides a great overview:

Designing the Digital Humans Inside Your VR Headset

A game prototype I’ve been working on with Quantum Capture will be on display at tonight’s Wearables 2016 AR/VR mega-event.


In Vega you are a convict doing time on a space elevator, ensuring that the cargo containers destined for the mothership are safe. Made with Unreal Engine 4, and played on the HTC Vive.

At Wearables 2016 you’ll be able to play through the 10 minute experience, leading up to its dramatic ending.

Last night, David Wyand gave a talk on Turtle VR and the technology behind it at TorontoVR.  He gave a summary of using UE4, Coherent UI, Google Blockly, Oculus DK1, and Razer Hydra in producing the code block programmable drawing application.

Photo by UnrealEngineTO

Photo by UnrealEngineTO

The event was packed as Oculus came by to demo their consumer Rift and Oculus Touch.  It looked like most people played Bullet Train, a demo made by Epic using UE4.

The Vive preview version of Turtle VR was also available for attendees to try out thanks to Globacore.

Today Turtle VR 1.0 is now available for the public to download and try out.  Turtle VR is a virtual reality experience that allows you to use a virtual tablet, Google Blockly, and a programmable turtle to creating drawings in VR in real-time using command blocks.  You may download Turtle VR and find out more at the Turtle VR home page.

Building a program block by block

Building a program block by block

Create fractal patterns in 3D

Create fractal patterns in 3D