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Last night, David Wyand gave a presentation to the Toronto VR community about his approach to building a character’s locomotion art and IK for our multiplayer VR FPS, The Field. This talk was similar to the one he gave to the Toronto UE4 community back in September.

Photo by Blair Renaud

A copy of the slides has been made available using Google Slides: David Wyand’s Toronto UE4 Presentation Enjoy!

Last night, David Wyand gave a talk on Turtle VR and the technology behind it at TorontoVR.  He gave a summary of using UE4, Coherent UI, Google Blockly, Oculus DK1, and Razer Hydra in producing the code block programmable drawing application.

Photo by UnrealEngineTO

Photo by UnrealEngineTO

The event was packed as Oculus came by to demo their consumer Rift and Oculus Touch.  It looked like most people played Bullet Train, a demo made by Epic using UE4.

The Vive preview version of Turtle VR was also available for attendees to try out thanks to Globacore.

Last night, David Wyand gave a talk on Circumpaint, UE4, and the Oculus Mobile VR Jam at TorontoVR. He gave a summary of the VR Jam, and talked about the challenges in creating a Finalist VR Jam entry using Unreal Engine 4.

Photo by Stephan Tanguay

About 60 people attended the event at the Globacore headquarters, which included a talk by Denis Lirette about Globacore’s newest game, Power Core VR.