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For some time now, I’ve been helping the guys at Quantum Capture build out a virtual human toolkit for UnrealEngine 4. This includes head and eye movement, facial emotion display, and lip syncing based on audio clips. The latest demonstration of this tech is collaboration between Quantum Capture and Emteq.

Emteq produces a number of devices that allow for the wearer’s facial muscles to be tracked and used in a variety of applications, such as healthcare and entertainment. At this time their hardware is in the prototype stage, but it is great to see them procedurally drive one of Quantum Capture’s virtual humans (in the above image it is Alyssa) through the tech I worked on.

At AWE Europe 2017, Emteq formally announced the collaboration with Quantum Capture, and publicly showed off their tech. You can see their full demonstration video below.

May has been a busy month. First a demo for CVR2017, and now working with Quantum Capture to put together a demo for AWE2017.

The guys at Quantum Capture turned AWE co-founder and CEO, Ori Inbar, into a virtual human. We then put him into a number of situations depending on if the demoing player puts an Oculus Rift or a Microsoft Hololens on his head. In the house pictured above, when you put on the Hololens, Ori is surrounded by fish as part of a simulated, augmented reality environment.

That’s right, we put AR inside VR. That’s how we roll.