Circumpaint: GearVR Mobile Jam Final Submission

The GearVR Mobile Jam 2015 submissions are now closed and voting has begun.  I’ve submitted the final version of Circumpaint, an app that lets you paint and animate on a dome that surrounds you, and would love it if you could go vote for it:

The following video is part of the final submission and demonstrates creating an animation in Circumpaint:

Creating Circumpaint was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.  Game Jams are all about the trade offs between features, bugs, and time.  There is never enough time.  If there is enough interest in Circumpaint from the community or judges then I’ll look into releasing it on the GearVR store as a full application.  But for now, sleep…


A look at the dome you paint on, and the user interface.  This is the lowest resolution for the dome.


Circumpaint supports both the GearVR touchpad and back button, as well as the Samsung EI-GP20 controller.  Using the controller provides a number of painting shortcuts.


The Paint tab provides everything you need to paint and animate.  From here you may also change the dome’s resolution at any time.


Two images created within Circumpaint, flattened out into image stripes.  The left one was created at the lowest resolution using the C64 palette.  The right one was created at the highest resolution using the N64 palette.  Within Circumpaint these images surround you, and you turn your head to to check out all of the details.